Better solutions for these macros in Premiere Pro?

Activate general editing workspace macros.kmmacros (3.1 KB)

Macro 1:

I work in Premiere Pro and am constantly finding ways to implement KM into Premiere. I use a few custom workspaces in Premiere and many of my Premiere macros involve moving the mouse to specific coordinates where a button or text is. I often do this by using the "Move or Click Mouse" action.
This means that if that macro works in one workspace, it won’t work in a different one because the panels/or buttons have moved. Find image often isn't an option because the piece of text is constantly changing. For example, if I am changing the scale of the clip, the number could be anywhere from 0-100%.

The best solution I have come up with is to have macro groups for each Premiere Pro workspace that I have (About 3). I've created a macro for each workspace that will enable/disable different groups of macros when a workspace is switched in Premiere. To switch between workspaces in Premiere I use shift 1, shift 2, shift 3, etc.

For example, if I hit shift 1 it will trigger my "Workspace 1" macro. This will disable the workspace 2 and 3 macro groups and enable Workspace 1 macros. Same applies if I activate "Workspace 2" it will deactivate workspace 1 and workspace 3 macro groups. The problem I have found is it seems to cause considerable amounts of lag when switching workspaces in Premiere when it has to activate and deactivate/activate those macro groups. Is there a more efficient way to approach this?

C. Apply Crop.kmmacros (5.5 KB)

Macro 2:

Relatively similar to the first macro, I have a set of macros that will instantly apply video effects to the clips on my timeline. The problem is that right now I'm using the "move and click mouse" without the "click at found image" action. The reason is, if you apply the same video effect more than once in a row, the second time the box is highlighted and turned to a more white color. The "Find image" action no longer recognize the box because it goes from grey to white. I haven't found a good way for it to have two searchable images. One for the grey box and one for the white box. I have attached two images of what the boxes look like. It starts out grey image

After it has been applied once, it becomes white to signify it has been selected.

Hopefully I have explained clearly. If any additional information is needed or something wasn't clear, let me know.

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Sorry, I don't have too much time this week. In the middle of a big film edit.

But here is 3 premiere macros attacking some of your problems...some were inspired by your other posts on premiere.

More of these later.
Enjoy.Joseki Premiere MacrosV1.0.kmmacros (124.6 KB)

Oooh these seem neat! If you have sometime, it would be great to chat about how you're using KM with Premiere. I'd like to break down your find blue at the right of found image. Doesn't seem to be working for me now, but I'd love to see what you're doing with it. Seems like a better setup than what I currently do.

Edit: I think I've got your image macro to work. The way I had mine setup, it will click and hold the mouse instead of simply moving to the scale param. I saw you had that option disabled down below since you didn't like it. Looks like you pulled off a cool macro! I don't fully follow how it works yet, so it'd be cool to see how you built it.