BIKE - Finder panel toggle for folder of Bike files Macro (v11.0.2)

A macro for Jesse Grosjean's Bike Outliner.

(Requires Keyboard Maestro version 11)

Splits the active screen horizontally between a Finder panel to the left,
and the Bike application to the right.

The folder displayed in the Finder window is either:

  1. that containing the active Bike document, or
  2. a default folder specified as a filePath at the top of the macro in local_DefaultFolder

The horizontal proportion of screen space taken by the file panel is 1/3 by default,
and can be adjusted by editing the numeric value of local_PanelHorizontalProportion near the top of the macro, e.g. to something like 1/4 or 0.25

A first draft – let me know of any tweaks that seem desirable.

BIKE - Finder panel toggle for folder of Bike files.kmmacros (36 KB)

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