BIKE Outliner – Quick choice of row to copy as link

A macro for Jesse Grosjean's Bike Outliner.

Prompts with a Keyboard Maestro list of all the rows in the document, allowing for quick search by substring, and copies the selection(s) as link(s):

  1. In pasteable rich text Bike format (Bike XML), and also
  2. as an MD link, for pasting outside Bike.

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 13.46.37

BIKE – Quick choice of row(s) to copy as link.kmmacros (33 KB)

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Wow, very useful KM macro. Thanks for creating this! Great suggestion by someone else, and wonderful execution by Complex Point. So simple to use!

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Updated above to:

  • allow for multiple selections (⌘click)
  • make a speed improvement suggested by @unlocked2412
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Thank you :clap: . Honestly just downloaded and haven't installed or used it, and though I found Bike over the weekend only started using it yesterday and quickly thought I would benefit greatly from the utility your macro provides, and then, more like a fully-formed thought than the thought itself, your macro appeared. TY.

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