Bing Chat is a Script Ninja! 🥷

I've been comparing Bard, Chat GPT 3.5 and Bing Chat for the past few weeks and, so far I am most impressed with Bing, set to More Precise mode.

My initial tests with AI scripting were mostly around AppleScript, and there's a lot of room for error due to the varying levels of scriptability of individual apps. However, so far Bing hasn't let me down once when asking for shell scripts. YMMV.

RegEx seems almost as reliable, although Keyboard Maestro's implementation is quite particular. If you mention that you want to use it in KM or that you need an ICU RegEx, that tends to help.

I'm now finding myself using single shell scripts to do the work of multiple KM actions, and RegEx, which can be very frustrating to the uninitiated, is now a tool I can use at the drop of a hat. It's a great time to be an automator!


Thank you Neil! This is fabulous and timely!

You know many of us are going to ask you for a few real examples of how you are using this, with KM, specifically, so you might as well spill the beans and drop that knowledge. :slight_smile:



Yes for examples?

Also is there a way to run Bing Chat without MS Edge? I have been using ChatGPT 3.5 as you can use it using their web page.


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I'm using it in Brave with the Bing AI for Brave extension, but you can find details of the various methods to use it with your preferred browser HERE.

The best way to see it is to try it for yourself, but here's a quick example of how I'll word a prompt:


On the same topic, Peter let slip he used Wavelength to get some AppleScript code recently. It's a free text messaging app that lets you talk to @AI for artificially intelligent responses.


As I understand it, Wavelength is a front end for Chat GPT 3.5. I have one of the Chat GPT mac apps, which is pretty much the same thing. :+1:t3:

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Correct. CPT-3.5. It couldn't resolve a JavaScript issue I threw at it but it did point me to the appropriate documentation. I wonder if Peter is concocting an Action that taps into it :grinning:.

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I was looking at it, but I've scrapped plans for this (at this time). After the Twitter and Reddit debacles of the last few months, I couldn't see adding an API dependency for this sort of thing at the moment. I also wasn't convinced I could make a reasonable action that would work well with ChatGPT as it tends to need some back and forth for context.

Maybe next time.


To access Bing Chat using Safari go here: Bing AI - Search

Activate the Developer Menu and select the following:

I haven't tested this with any browser other than my own so YMMV.