Black Friday Discount for Keyboard Maestro?


It is avaiable discount on black-friday/cyber monday for keyboard maestro?

No. Keyboard Maestro is rarely involved in any sales. I considered a bundle this year because I liked the cause they supported, but even that wasn't enough - Keyboard Maestro is almost never involved in any bundles.

Primarily, I believe Keyboard Maestro is worth the purchase price, and provides value in excess of that, and I'd rather only have customers that agree than have more customers who do not value Keyboard Maestro. Part of that is that with Keyboard Maestro, you only really get real value out of it if you are willing to invest some time learning how to use it - then the rewards are great.

It is relatively easy to find 20% discount coupons around the net as I provide them to many organisations as a way of supporting the organisations (such as user groups for example). Also, many customers have 20% discount referral coupons that they can provide to others. Please don't ask me for a coupon directly though, I provide those coupons to customers and organisations to support them, and it would be defeating the purpose if I just handed them out myself.


Thank you for creating this beautiful tool.



Amen to that!


KM is the best bargain on the interwebs, hands down!


I love your product and it is well worth DOUBLE the full purchase price! Keep up the great work!


It is $36 and totally worth it ... It saved hours and hours of my life...
also it is licensed on a per-user basis and individual users may use it on up to five Macs.
I can see some sort of discount if it was bought in bulk which it seems he is offering it....but that is up to Peter.


Keyboard Maestro is the most incredible product for the Mac. I show my appreciation for Peter Lewis's KM by purchasing a separate license and upgrades for each of my three Macs, even though Peter doesn't seem to impose any restrictions on using his software on multiple machines.

It's the only way I can think of to express my thanks to him.