Block Sender and Send email to junk

update: 2022-06-03

This macro is meant to be used in Apple Mail for MacOS to (1) place the the sender of the current message on Mail’s “blocked senders” list (see Mail->Preferences->Junk Mail), then (2) move that message to the Junk mailbox, and then finally (3) puts up a notification of who the blocked sender is.

Block and Junk.kmmacros (8.4 KB)

Thanks for this. I tried to get this working for me, but eventually gave up. Could you describe what it's intended to do? It seems to assume the message is in Inbox, then clicks something (what?) based on a positional attribute. Both of these fail for me, and I'm capable of adjusting, if I understood what they are supposed to be targeting.

I will be posting an update. It works fine now. I’ll put in a comment do document.

It's now updated.