Blue Screen!


I was running Keyboard Maestro and Automator simultaneously using just built in actions. During the macro, my screen turned completely white. I have a trigger to cancel all macros but when I did it nothing happened, so I held down the power button to shut down.

When i restarted my mac book the apps that were running before crash reopened. But just for a few seconds before the Screen turned completely white. I restarted again and now my mac book wouldn't load up but just after it finishes loading the entire screen goes blue.

I've tried safe mode by hiding Shift on start up and I've tried the recovery Modena by holding command+R on startup, but neither are working.

Can you help me with this?

Hey Dylon,

Well, that's scary...

Try holding down the Option-key on boot.

If you still don't get access to the Recovery Partition then you may be having hardware problems.

Do you have a bootable external drive?

(No one who drives a Mac should be without one.)


Hey Chris,

Thanks your for your response!

I don't have one but I'm in the process of taking one from another mac. Your instructions seems to be along the lines of this

Hey Dylon,

You bet.

One should always have a bootable clone in addition to any Time Machine backups.

Two of the best utilities for creating these are:

Carbon Copy Cloner


ChronoSync is also a contender.

** I own all three.

Once you have your computer up and running with the external drive you can run the Disk Utility to see if the internal drive is okay or not.

I hope you haven't lost any data, but most people get bit at least once before they really take backups seriously.

See this Google search: macbook drive troubleshooting


Luckily I have my backups. Learned that the hard way sometime ago. Now I'm learning this. Thanks. I will update soon.

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So here's an update. I'm just hoping that you may possibly be able to help.

I successfully booted the mac from a USB device and I ran disk utilitily. All drives, internal and external checked out fine. I wasn't able to install Mac OS X because none of the drives I had plugged in allowed me to. In other words the option to continue using any one of those drives were not clickable.

So instead I restored a back up from a few days ago and it was back to normal! But not for long. A short use of internet explorer and I had the same issue: a distorted screen and then completely blue or white. (It happened twice after reboot).

So I tried to boot up from the same USB device again but now I'm getting the complete white screen there! So I haven't been able to make it to disk utility.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

This picture is one that I took after it was back to normal and before the white screen.

That looks like a hardware issue to me. It could be something else, including a corrupted system, but I would consider getting it checked at an Apple store.

Hey Dylon,

I agree with Peter.