BlueTooth Detection Tool

Hey Folks,

A number of people have wanted a tool to detect BlueTooth devices and automatically do something when a signal is found or lost.

I just came across a little gizmo called BlueSense on MacUpdate:

Detect the presence of your Bluetooth device and execute actions on your Mac.

BlueSense analyzes the signal of your Bluetooth device and executes any desired actions when you move or come back at proximity of your Mac.

It's only $3.99, so some of you might be interested.

I'll probably take a closer look after I get my iPhone for Christmas.  :wink:


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A very good tip @ccstone :+1:
I got BlueSense at the end of November in a special offer for €1.09 on the Mac App Store. On the website you can also get a very good tutorial on how to use AppleScript.

You weren’t using an iPhone before? :thinking: