Bluetooth Foot Switch + Keyboard Maestro?

I'm looking at an AirTurn BT-200S Bluetooth foot switch (available in 2, 4 and 6 switch models). What I need to be able to do is use the foot switches to send Apple Music commands to the Music app while that app is not in the foreground. Instead, I'll be actively using a notetaking app to capture bass guitar notation. Toggling back and forth between apps to use keyboard shortcuts is a major pain, especially when you have a bass guitar neck in your face. Does anyone know if I can map those foot switch triggers to Keyboard Maestro to send commands to Apple Music while it's playing in the background? In addition to the standard play/pause/skip/start over commands, I'd also like it to be able to do scrub back/forward in a song (Option-Command-Right Arrow or Left Arrow in Music), trigger Siri ("Hey Siri, play song X from artist Y), etc., all while Music sits in the background and I work in my note-taking app.

The manufacturer has not been able to help me. Does anyone have any experience with this or any feedback? Thanks!

I'll answer my own question. The manufacturer agreed to test the BT-200S with Keyboard Maestro and confirmed that you can map the foot switches to commands.


Good to know it works.
A couple days ago was thinking about using foot pedals for KM, very timely post.
Thanks @RedHotFuzz

I received the AirTurn QUAD200 Silent Bluetooth Pedal today.

The good news is that Keyboard Maestro recognizes it (albeit as a USB Device Key).

While I can tell Keyboard Maestro to perform actions when I press a pedal, the pedal also continues to perform its default action:

Pedals, from left to right:

  1. Up Arrow
  2. Down Arrow
  3. Left Arrow
  4. Right Arrow

I cannot figure out how to tell it to not send those keys in addition to whatever I tell it to do.

There’s an app called USB Overdrive, seems to help

There's a Mac app called ‎AirTurn Manager which is available on the Mac App Store, but for some reason, there's no mention of that (that I could see) in the documentation on the website or with the stuff that came in the box. I just happened to find it while googling.

{Expletives deleted}

Going to try that now!