Bookmarks Manager

This macro is for anyone who would like better control over their bookmarks.

It's a work-in-progress, so please let me know if you think it could be improved.

It currently works with Safari, Chrome and Brave.

Bookmarks Manager.kmmacros (98 KB)

Macro screenshot


⌥⌘O = Open bookmarks (⌥↵ to delete after opening)
⌃⌥⌘O = Open a number of random bookmarks

⌥⌘B = Bookmark the current tab
⌃⌥⌘B = Bookmark all tabs in the current window

⌥⌘M = Reveals your bookmarks folder so that you can delete or reorder them.


Excellent… Been looking for something like this

Just changing Brave to "Safari" in the AppleScript gave me this error. In script editor the word 'tab' gets highlighted

Action Type: Execute an AppleScript failed with script error: text-script:55:58: script error: Expected end of line but found class name.
Action Name: Save Current Tab

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@noisneil can you explain the reason/benefits for this method of managing bookmarks?

That explanation could be an inspiration to those who might otherwise overlook this macro.

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Good question. Someone recently asked about opening multiple bookmarks at once without having to deal with their browser's bookmarks manager. I figured maybe a KM bookmarks manager system might be useful to anyone who wants that kind of control.

I haven't added any fancy features yet but you could do things like opening 10 random bookmarks if you like. So see this as an opening gambit rather than a finished article.

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Updated to work with:

  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Brave

You don't need to edit the AppleScript; it will detect the front browser.

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Updated to include everything in one macro and added the option to open a number of random tabs from a chosen bookmarks folder.

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Updated with options for deleting bookmarks after they are opened, as well as a few safeguards and UX improvements.

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Another benefit to this is that you can save bookmarks in any browser and they'll be universally accessible.


I've been trying to replace most things a launcher like Alfred does with just Keyboard Maestro and Spotlight and a dedicated bookmark search is something I was missing (although maybe it's possible with native Safari bookmarks)

So that's one use case…

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