Boom 3D + KM

I'm trying to set up a macro that opens Boom 3D and then switches the audio source. It's a menubar app, so there is no traditional menu to use "select or show menu item" and from what I can tell, it's not scriptable. Additionally, from what I can tell, it functions separate from the traditional system audio, so I can use the switch audio script.

Please let me know if I've left any needed info out.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

does attempting to launch another instance of the app open the menubar app by any chance? sometimes devs implement functionality like this to prevent users accidentally running multiple instances and it could be used to open it. alternatively, does Boom 3D let you set keyboard shortcuts?

If I open the package contents of the app, I can launch the menubar item by using "BoomHelper." Currently that's how I've been setting up the macro.

I've been digging around to see if there is any other sort of app or preference I can run that will switch sources. No luck.