Brave Browser Does Not Seem to Be Functioning Correctly With Front Browser or Chrome Triggers

I'm working with the following macro. In the screenshot below are the relevant sections, namely, a macro that will check the current brower's URL and trigger when the URL is the default Vimeo edit page. (If anyone is familiar with Vimeo, this was set up to automatically default to the old edit window, the new edit window is terrible, but that's beside the point).

This macro worked great for a while with Brave browser, and it is currently working as intended in Chrome. KM sees the flagged URL, and then executes the string operations below the screenshotted text in order to move to the targeted URL.

It doesn't currently work in Brave although it has in the past. What's maddening is that it is also clearly reading the Front Browser URL (As you can see, I opened the forums and took the screenshot above, the macro is previewing the value for %FrontBrowserURL% within Set Variable "VimeoFix_urlSource" to Text ... as the KM forums URL. Yet, as far as the control check If Any Condition met... is concerned, Brave's URL seems to be invisible to the macro.

Can anyone shed some light on this? I've done a bit of fiddling with the macro checking to see if other conditions (i.e., the focused window title change trigger still works) make any difference, but I'm wondering if I missed something because again: 1) it used to work and 2) it works out of the box (no changes to the above screenshot) in Chrome.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Hi @Nickrs,
Take a look at this:

No dice :confused:

Looks like this post caveats the "front browser" actions, which is what I'm using. However, it says that KM 9.0 was needed which we're on now obviously. I'm mostly confused as to why this once worked and now it doesn't.

I'm sorry.
Brave should work. It is one of the supported browsers:

Have you allowed JavaScript from Apple Events?

As far as I have experienced, when the browser is not supported, the FrontBrowserURL will get the link from the most recent supported browser. I was very confused when I was testing Firefox. Firefox does not allow JavaScript from Apple Events and therefore is not supported. However, when I was testing Firefox, I saw sometimes I could get the JavaScript to work, sometimes not, and was very confused, until I found out that when it worked, it worked on either Safari or Chrome, not Firefox, although Firefox was the front app.

Yeah, the JavaScript from Apple Events was enabled. I tried this very simple macro:

Worked in Chrome, did not work in Brave.

For posterity's sake, if anyone runs into the same issue, the issue was that somewhere along the line Keyboard Maestro Engine lost its accessibility permissions for Brave under the Automation tab in Mac security settings. Back to working normally now under the "Front Browser" designation.