Briefly Display A Picture in Display Box

I use KM's Display Text to display quasi Reference Book Things that are hard to remember. I use the palette - select what material I am looking for, the display box displays the info - and I copy and paste it or remember it and hit enter.

I was wondering if instead of display .png files in the box?

Or is there any other way to briefly display a picture - that is easily exit-able via hitting enter.

Great question.
The answer is yes!

Try this:
Displays the Finder Quick Look view, and can be close by either ESC or SPACE keys.

qlmanage -p "$KMVAR_Local__ImageFilePath"

Will that work for you?

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For what it's worth, your original prompt might be enhanced with a copy action that happens automatically. Of course you also may not want your clipboard cluttered up with too much stuff.