Browser Based CNC Control (Inventables Easel)

I have an X-Carve Pro which is a CNC controlled by a web application called Easel.

Easel requires mouse clicks to control most functions when initiating a carve but I don't like using my laptop near the CNC so I am trying to replace most of the mouse clicks with keystrokes on a wireless num pad using KM.

I am currently using the "Click at Found Image" action in KM to do this, but UI changes to Easel break this functionality occasionally and it is a hassle to configure. Is it possible to have KM click the button by passing it the button name pulled from the Element Inspector in Chrome?

Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 10.37.17 AM


It doesn't look like the button is properly selected in the code.

Use the contextual menu on the button to “Inspect” it.

Then right-click on the highlighted code and “Copy JS Path”.


You'll get something similar to this:

document.querySelector("#current-user > a > div > img")

Change that to:

document.querySelector("#current-user > a > div > img").click()

And run it from a Execute a JavaScript in Front Browser Action.

If that works then you're in business.


That works! Thank you so much, that saved me a lot of time.

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