Browser Extensions

Not sure this is appropriate for this forum, but it pains me to see people’s contortions trying to do things with KM that can be done with browser extensions. (Some of the posts to which I am referring are old.) For example:

Searching Web Sites by Keyword

These extensions provide configurable keyword searches. You type the keyword in the address bar then what you are searching for. For instance, you could configure a km keyword and type that keyword followed by “extensions” to search the Keyboard Maestro forum. For the most part these work by identifying the search URL and replacing the specific search with a string such as @@@ to indicate where the search term goes.


There are quite a variety of tab managers for all three browsers.

There are also variations on “browse …”, e.g. the selected URL.

Should others contribute?

Assuming this is not inappropriate, I invite people to add their favorite browser extensions that would save people the trouble of writing and debugging complicated KM macros. As much as I love KM, there’s really no point in programming things that already exist, are more browser-native, and have more capabilities than your macros will.

One reason why I prefer using KM to safari is that I can perform a search from any open program. I do not have to minimise the open program, open safari and then type the search strings.

I can simply bring up the search window in any program and type in the keywords. KM then opens safari if it isn’t open and switches to it.

Funny you should mention that. In reviewing a set of keybindings yesterday I notice several I had forgotten about: Search the KM Forum, Search the KM Wiki, and Search Google. Those seem worth having, to search from anywhere.

But I have quite a few site-specific searches for which Safari keysearch is still useful: Macupdate, the Discourse of a database vendor’s site, etc.