Bug? A space at the end of a text saved as variable get sometimes lost

I noticed that when the contends of text ends with a space and is saved to a variable, this space sometimes gets deleted.
I found this when saving the result of an applescript to a variable, and now I found this when saving the result of Prompt With List.

I made a macro to demonstrate this bug.

To make clear that there should be a space at the end I put the text in between a "•" or a "*"

Bug a space at the end is sometimes deleted when saved to variable.kmmacros (6.7 KB)


I suspect you haven't noticed that on the settings (cogwheel) for the action "Prompt with List" there is an option called "Trim Lines" that is ON by default.

I haven't downloaded your macro, but I think this is probably what you have not checked for. Please forgive me if I'm wrong. I've been awake for a very long time.


Bingo. That's works in the Prompt With list!

I think the lesson that we all have to learn, me included, is get familiar with the settings on the cogwheel for any action that we use. Personally, I wish there was a setting that "displayed" all the cogwheel settings visibly in the action itself. I know that would double or triple the size of the action, but if that could be done on an action-by-action basis, I think that would be the best of both worlds. Therefore we would only have to display all the options for a given action if any of the options have changed.

That's actually not a bad idea.

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There are two actions I use a lot where I set them up as Favorites (where you can preconfigure the Gear menu) just because I was always forgetting to change their Gear settings.

Prompt with List is one (always show all options, don't trim, don't sort), the other is Do Shell Script (don't trim the output, don't abort the macro on failure).



We should be thankful that Apple didn't design the GUI, or we would be jiggling the mouse pointer around to make the cog visible!

I think a setting to display settings would be too opaque for most users. Workaround: you could have a macro display the reminder "Check the cogs!" whenever KM's editor is activated. :wink:

Lots of apps have an Inspector Pane that is displayed or not as the user desires. Maybe that's something KM could adopt.