[Bug]? CapsLock State Is Not Accurate

Device: Macbook Pro M1 Max 16"
macOS: 12.6
KM: 10.2

CapsLock State tends to show as being pressed when CapsLock button is not activated. When it correctly shows false, moving the cursor turns it true again.


Same macOS, same Keyboard Maestro, different Mac (an Intel relic). The Shift Lock modifier works as expected in an If action. If pressed (locked), which on my system emits a loud wailing sound and flashing amber lights, the first statement is executed. If not, the second statement.

Not sure how you could be tracking the cursor. Why not post a simplified example macro showing the problem?

@mrpasini I think you may have misread my post. I am referring to Caps Lock, not Shift Lock.

Anyway, the problem seems to have resolved itself after restarting the computer.

Sorry, Shift Lock is what old Underwood typewriter survivors call Caps Lock. No difference at all. Glad you resolved your problem with a restart (which seems to fix a lot of weird things about Monterey).