Bug? Clipboard somehow being shared across multiple computers?

So I've noticed this intermittently over the years and it's really confusing because I know that KM is supposed to not store variables across multiple computers but I am experiencing a really weird issue of my clipboard being shared with other users who use keyboard maestro.

I have one license for KM that I share with 3 other people on a total of 4 workstations. I write the macros and have a sync file that I keep locally in my documents folder. Periodically I make a copy of this file and put it on cloud storage (in this case a service called Lucid Link, but I've seen it happen in the past with dropbox) where the other 3 sync to it.

Somehow, I am constantly noticing my clipboard being changed to something completely different. We have confirmed that we are getting things from each other's clipboards, as in many cases we copy into the same documents. This is an issue that happens system wide, not specific in any one app.

I did use to be on the same sync file as the rest of them, and if that were still the case I could somewhat make sense of it, but the fact that I've moved now to having my own sync file and the issue persists... I'm really at a loss here as to why this is constantly happening.

All of us are on MacOS ventura on mac studios.

This is a macOS feature called Universal Clipboard, nothing to do with Keyboard Maestro.


Keyboard Maestro has an ability to transfer clipboards to other nearby Keyboard Maestro’s, but it is an entirely manual process done via the Clipboard History Switcher.


Hi Peter, none of these devices share an apple ID, so it can't be universal clipboard. The computers are in different locations. I believe it to be KM because that's the only common thread between them. I did have the clipboard history switcher as an active macro, though I haven't been triggering it. I disabled it to see if that would help, though again I don't know how it would work between totally different sync files?

Unless you have the Keyboard Maestro Web Server enabled, the Receive Clipboards into Clipboard History setting enabled, and unless you open the Clipboard History Switcher, and click on the Envelope icon at the top and select a machine to send it to and click Send, then Keyboard Maestro cannot possibly send the clipboard to another Mac.

So I think you need to be looking elsewhere.

Thanks for the info Peter, I'll keep looking at all possible causes.

Just circling back to this, I did end up finding the cause, it was Teamviewer. My associates and I were all using the same Teamviewer account remoted into the same computer and the clipboard was shared. Turned off that setting in Teamviewer and everything worked as normal!

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