Bug + Display Inconsistency: Time Preview in "Trigger Macro by Name" Window

I found a couple funny things related to the Trigger Macro by Name window and the time preview shown for macros using the At time trigger.

The first is more of an observation of an inconsistency, the second is more of a bug.

!= Inconsistency:


  • Macro: Trigger: "At Time"
  • Set it to some PM time. ex: 1:30pm (shown in 12h clock)
  • Find this macro in the "Trigger Macro by Name" window


  • The time is shown in 24h clock

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 1-02, 5.13.09PM


  • Not really sure :slight_smile:
  • I guess I'm just pointing out the discrepancy between the time base where it's set vs. where it's displayed.
  • I think they should match.
  • I guess having the 12h vs 24h option somewhere would be ok, but that might be overkill.

:bug: Bug:


  • Open the "Trigger Macro by Name" window again
  • After having triggered that macro via it


  • The previous search term will already be there and the macro will be pre-selected. (Good so far!)
  • However that time preview doesn't appear!

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 1-02, 5.13.25PM


  • The time preview should be shown.


  • Focus in the input area.
  • Add or remove a character from the macro name.
  • The time reappears after that edit.


  • Keyboard Maestro Version: 9.0.6
  • OS: 10.11.6 ( Sorry :wink: )

Hey @ar-km,

Does this still happen in Keyboard Maestro 9.2?


Just checked: Yes

Same result (inconsistency + bug) in Keyboard Maestro 9.2

@peternlewis ⇢ Please Note ⇢ This looks like a bug.

The time in the trigger is shown in 24 hour mode for conciseness since the trigger field is necessarily very small.

The lack of display in the Trigger Macro by Name looks to be this issue reported for Big Sur / Keyboard Maestro 9.1+ here:

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Speaking of Xcode related bugs, I'll link this here for cross-referencing:

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