Bug: Fantastical mini window fires KM Unlock trigger

Here's an extremely weird issue that took me ages to track down.

The calendar app Fantastical has a "mini window" that pops up from the menubar and displays my upcoming events. You can invoke it with a keyboard shortcut or by clicking on the menubar icon.

Whenever it becomes visible, no matter how it's triggered, it fires an Unlock trigger in Keyboard Maestro 11, so that any macros with an Unlock trigger are launched.

I will spare you the extremely long story of how I figured this out, with the patient help of the support team at Rogue Amoeba (which makes neither Keyboard Maestro nor Fantastical). I don't know if Keyboard Maestro or Fantastical is at fault in this case, but it would be better if this behavior didn't happen!

Have tried latest Version 3.8.12 of Fantastical running on Mac Monterey, it didn't have this unlock trigger issue when Fantastical mini window becomes visible.
Maybe you want to mention what OS you running (Sonoma?), and if you are using latest version of Fantastical?

The Unlock trigger depends the activation of the system parent process of your user account. Unfortunately, this sometimes happens briefly when various other things happen, such as some password dialog boxes.

So yes, this is likely a bug, a known issue, that I have not yet implemented some sort of mitigation for avoiding these false triggers.

Thanks Peter. In case it's useful for debugging, I'm running Fantastical 3.8.12 on Sonoma 14.2.1. Happy to help test if you ever do try to fix this.