[Bug] Insert text by pasting does not expand variables

This macro

test.kmmacros (23.4 KB)

When run inserts nothing for me. However if I change it to insert text by typing it works. Don't know why.

Ok I think I found the reason it fails. When I insert the variable like here :

It doesn't actually work until I press space after it, only then it gets triggered and saved as can be seen by the tooltip changing too :

I guess that's expected but it did throw me off why it didn't work straight away.

Did you update to 8.0.2 yet? Because this seems like the bug with the insert by name action in 8.0 and 8.0.1 that Peter fixed in 8.0.2 today. Prior thread: KM8: A Few Miscellaneous Bugs

Updated now.

Kind of strange that I never got prompted for an update. I would like to stay on the latest KM version. :expressionless:

I don’t know exactly how the update code in KM works, but in my experience, most non Mac App Store apps don’t usually notify the user the moment there’s a new update out, but perform a check upon being launched and/or daily, weekly, or monthly. I’m sure KM would have prompted you in good time, but one of the benefits of hanging out on this forum is that it’s the quickest way to find out about updates :slightly_smiling_face:

The update system works by Keyboard Maestro checking in with our servers once per week, so you will generally be alerted to a new version within a week of the release, but perhaps as much as a week after depending on when the last check from your Mac happened. The checks happen at a specific time of the week for each Keyboard Maestro instance, so you would typically be alerted at roughly the same point in the week regardless of when you updated last.

Too much information? You’ll be alerted within a week, or you can check manually after you see the announcement in the Announcements category.

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