Bug - KBM9: Conflict Palette Issue

Suppose you have a macro group containing three macros like this ▼

You can't trigger macro 'WF' since it's second trigger letter 'F' is the same with macro 'F'. that is to say, you're not able to run macro 'WF' by pressing buttons in order (⌘F1 → w → f)

KM 9 bug Demo: Conflict Palette issue Macros.kmmacros (7.6 KB)

Maybe it's because the parent palette(the palette on the left) won't go off after the conflict palette(the palette on the right) is triggered ▼

How are you showing the first palette?

By pressing a keystroke that I've assigned to the macro group which contains all of these there macros. In this case, the keystroke is ⌘F1.

This should be resolved in 9.0.1.