Bug: Mouse Position Coordinates Are Incorrect From the "Get" Button

The mouse position coordinates are different from "Go" and "Get". This is literally it.

For example, I put the mouse at the position (0,0) as an absolute position. Then press the "Get" button and (0,900) will appear in the keyboard maestro editor. So, if i press the "Go" button, the mouse moves to the bottom left corner of the screen.

Why does this happen?
My keyboard maestro version is 10.0.1 and MacOS version is 12.0.1.

Hey @peternlewis,

I can confirm this with:

Keyboard Maestro 10.0.1
macOS 10.14.6


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Yes, the Y coordinate of the Get button result is inverted in 10.0.1 - fixed for 10.0.2 when that is released.


Since I've upgraded to version 10, the "Get" function is no longer working properly.

Any ideas as to why this may be? The pixel coordinates selected are very off and I have to manually find the right location via trial and error.

Another user seems to have the same issue. I found the post ""Get" button in click mouse action not working" via google, but the link leads to an error page. Any insight as to how to fix the GET function would be great. Thanks!

Hey @gener

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We know – please see post #3.


I'm still experiencing a problem with Get in 10.0.2.

In a Move and Resize Front Window action, using Get returns -1032, -397, 0, 0 while using a macro with WindowSize and WindowPosition tokens returns the following on the same application window:

Size (W,H): 787,846
Position (β†’, ↓): -1296,-745

@peternlewis? -ccs

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May I point out that I have KM 10.0.2, and it seems to return correct values when I press GET for the action you mention.

May I ask if you have multiple monitors? I think some multiple monitor setups can provide negative values there, but I won't explain why if you don't have multiple monitors.

I do have multiple monitors, but I am quite familiar with the negative values. It's the differences in the values and the lack of Width and Height returned by GET that I have a problem with.

The results returned by tokens are accurate (verified by macros that move a window to those coordinates), but the Get values are most definitely not accurate.

Ok, then. My bad. I always tell people that I'm wrong 20% of the time. You got me on one of those 20%s.

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This sounds like something you should email support@stairways.com about, it's not really possible to resolve such an issue without more information than is sensible to try to do in a topic forum.

Only 20%? Shoot, you're way better than me. :rofl: