Bug or Feature: Discourse Forum Solved Post?



@peternlewis & @ccstone:

Does the latest version of Discourse forum software contain a bug, or add a new feature?

The following thread shows every post by Chris as being the post that solved the OP; Each of Chris' posts has the Solution checkbox checked. Only his first post is shown in the OP.

Running Google Chrome 72.0.3626.119 (3626.119) on macOS 10.12.6.

I did a forced Chrome refresh, but nothing changed.


This could have been caused by me, I had a further question after marking one of @ccstone's posts as being the answer, and I tried to uncheck 'solved' on a number of posts, so I think my inexperience, and clicking on numerous 'solved' checkmarks may have caused some problem. My apologies.


I moved this to Forum Admin.

I unchecked both of Chris’ replies and now checking either of them marks it as the solution and unmarks the other one.

So it seems somehow both were marked as the answer.

Have you seen this anywhere else?


Maybe it is fixed then.

@troy indicated above that he was trying to change the Soluiton post, but the forum system is not supposed to allow multiple posts. It is supposed to uncheck the current one when another post is checked.

Could be a difference due to permissions Peter, between you an Troy.

Nope, but I'll keep my eye out.