BUG? "Prompt with list" action using emoticons work with some but not all emoticons

I have a macro that has a "Prompt with List" action that uses a list containing emoticons. When filtering this list using certain emoticons i encounter a bug where some emotions are found in the list but some are not.

To demonstrate the bug I made a macro where this happens.

I have this list:
:high_heel: John
:high_heel: Peter
:high_heel: Claire
:m: Maria
:m: Jose
:m: Anna

When i do a "prompt with list" action with this list, lines with the :m: are found, but lines with :high_heel: are not.

This is the result with :m::

which is correct.

This is the result with :high_heel: :

but i would expect that:
:high_heel: John
:high_heel: Peter
:high_heel: Claire
would be shown instead of "No results"

Here is the macro
Test search with emoticons..kmmacros (5.2 KB)

Most likely the failing unicode characters are off plain 0 of unicode, which behave weirdly in many cases.

If you let me know what the unicode symbols actually are, I will look, but there is likely not much I can do about it.

Thats bad news that you might cannot solve it.
What exactly do you ask me to do? Check the behaviour of every existing emoticon? i have no idea how to do that ...

high-heeled shoe
Unicode: U+1F460, UTF-8: F0 9F 91 A0

circled M
Unicode: U+24C2 U+FE0F, UTF-8: E2 93 82 EF B8 8F

I found a workaround this, and that is to make a new list out of the original list using a For Each Line routine, so the new list only consist lines that contains the emoticon that i search for.
The edited macro looks like this then:

Note: The "All:" button does not work now. Easy to solve, but this macro is just to explain the workaround i suggest, not to make this macro water proof.

Test search list with emoticons Workaround.kmmacros (7.8 KB)

Just what the unicode numbers are, which you provided.

Yes, see how the unicode number has five digits (U+1XXXX) for the shoe. That puts it off the zero plane of unicode characters which includes almost all of them, but not some very late additions. Characters off that plane do not work in all situations because they no longer fit in a wide character (16 bits).

I thought you wanted me to provide the unicode of ALL current emoticons that does not work on the filter in Prompt with List, and that is a lot of work.

But regarding the shoe example; it looks like your assumption is true; that the bug is because of the unicode is off the plane, so it won't get solved anyway whether i make a list or not.

So i rewrote my macro with the above workaround. Making it more complex, but not impossible. And likely easier to workaround for me then for you to rewrite the action.

No, definitely not. Just the specific unicode characters (because they don't come across in the forum as characters, making them hard to find).