Bug Report: Available When a Focused Window Title Contains

I don't know does everyone's KM engine relaunches after the KM editor reopen but mine has the problem.

After I close the editor and reopen it, KM engine got disappeared and doesn't launch again (without any messages)

I was so annoyed so I figured it out which elements makes that crash.

In my case
Available when a focused window title contains:
in the macro group launching condition
makes the crash.

Is this the normal behavior or a bug?
Hope it get fixed if it's a bug.



Clearly crashing is not a normal behaviour.

Keyboard Maestro experiences roughly one reported crash per 35 user-years, so crashing is an exceptionally rare circumstance, and the crash reports I do get are typically deeply buried in the system and likely caused by system corruption issues beyond my control.

Assuming you are sending your crash reports in when Keyboard Maestro prompts you, contact support and I can look at what the issue might be, repeatable crashes are generally easy to solve unless they involve third part or other system issues.

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