Bug Report: Parameter Display Truncated in Third Party Plug Ins

In creating some third party plug in actions for KM I have come across a problem with the way the plug in displays its parameters.

As an example:

You can see that the 2nd and 3rd parameters are truncated.

After clicking on a different macro in the KM editor and then returning to the one containing this action, its appearance changes to this:

If I then change the value of the first parameter I get:

So again, clicking away and then back results in this:

After this I can change the parameter values on this specific action with no issue. If, however, I insert a new action the problem occurs for the new action until I go through the clicking away and back procedure.

This is clearly an issue that will be a problem for end-users and one I rate as important because it actually hides the meaning of the parameters.

Can you fix this please @peternlewis?

Curiously enough, its been like that since 2013.

I will get it resolved for a future version.