Bug report: Slack update breaks KM macro group scope

I have a KM Group that is available only in the application Slack.

Whenever Slack updates (which is pretty frequently), the macros in this group no longer function. I fiddle with the group settings a bit—I usually set the group to be available in a different application, and then immediately set it to Slack again—and then the macros work again until then next Slack update.

My assumption is that each new version of Slack changes some piece of information that KM looks at, making KM think it’s a different application each time.

FYI, I’m using and updating a version of Slack from the Mac App Store.

I think you’re right. I’ve seen this with other apps. It happen to me when SnagIT upgraded from Ver 3 to Ver 4.
So it is not really a KM bug. If an app changes its ID, there’s not much KM to do about it.

To be clear, though, it happened when Slack upgraded from 2.8.0 to 2.8.1.

I don’t presume to know what’s possible but in theory KM could look at some
other piece of information to identify apps …

My guess is that Slack is not a well-behaved app, and the devs are doing something they should not be with each minor update. You might want to post a question in the Slack forum.

Keyboard Maestro remembers an application primarily based on its path, and secondarily based on its bundle ID.

So if the application is replaced, and has the same path, then it should be handled.

However, if the application is moved, or removed for some period of time, Keyboard Maestro will look for it based on the bundle ID. If you have another version of the application somewhere else, that might be found, or if the application is moved to the trash, it might be found there.

Thanks, that’s helpful—I’ll see if I can find an older version anywhere.