Bug; trigger "Button Released" is not working reliable in specific cases

I think i found a bug, or i have a question how to solve this.
The trigger 'release button' is not working reliable when in the macro there is the action Disable Macro Group and the button is released after a longer press. (my guess; defined by the time set in Keyboard Preferences "delay until repeat")

Import the following three actions.
Testing button released Macros.kmlibrary (3.8 KB)
SHIFT.kmlibrary (1.7 KB)

These are just made for debugging.
Trigger can be anything, but i defined \ as the trigger key.

The action Button Pressed enables the macro group "SHIFT ON", displaying a palette. And speaks a text.
If you release the key within 1 second it will trigger the macro Button Release, disabling the macro group "SHIFT ON" (palette hides) and speaking a text. All fine.

Now, press it again, but wait 6 seconds before you release the key.
Now the macro Button Pressed is played, but Button Release is not. I think that is wrong.

Now, in the macro's Button Pressed and Button Released, disable the actions for Macro Group Enable and disable.
Now the button behaviour is as i would expect. You can release the key after a minute and it will play the action Button Released.

Bug? Or is there a setting somewhere that i am overlooking?
The same behaviour is happing with USB device keys as trigger.

I think @peternlewis’s reply in this thread probably applies to this question as well:

I’d suggest reading through that whole thread, but the tl;dr is that you should be using activate/deactivate for macro groups like this instead of enable/disable.

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Looks like this works better indeed.