Bug? While "Waiting for Safari to Finish Loading"? Any action to remedy after Forcing Quit?

I tried the "Waiting for Safari to Finish Loading" option for the first time in a macro (Osx High Sierra)

What happened next is that the KM engine message went amok, counting up to 1000 very fast.

I quit KM the normal way, but after quitting the "Clipboard History Switcher" was still open and the process KM Engine was still active even counting up "messages" still after the quit....

So I had to use the Activity Monitor to quit the KM Engine.

@peternlewis, any things to be concerned about after such a unnormal quit? Safety for the files or system or the macros? Should I do a restart? Rebuild any files using Disk doctor or others?

Anyway a pleaseure to use KM! It is a saviour in order to save time and work more elegangly.

It is not clear what you mean by this. What is causing the messages?
Could you please post your macro and screenshots?

That sounds like the Allow JavaScript From Apple Events issue.

And if it is Safari 12.1, then it will probably also be Safari 12.1 broke the Wait For Safari to Finish Loading action

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It is: Safari 11.1.2 (13605.3.8)

The macro was just loading a webpage in Safari and then the command:
Waiting for Safari to Finish Loading.

I did not make any screenshots during the "amok" message period from the KM Engine.

See my simple native solution to wait for Safari to finish loading here.

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