Bug with conflict palettes?

I use the same hotkey for a number of tasks as I want the conflict palette to show, as I then treat that as a menu. I can then press another key to make a selection as the palette suggests a letter from each item.

However, with v10.0, there is no option to do this. I assume that this is a bug, not a feature that has been removed?

Hi @Lloydi
No, this feature has not been removed in KM10. This is what I get with my Conflict Palette for the hotkey ⌃⌥⌘G


Can you do a screenshot of the Conflict Palette as shows for you?

As far as I know there is no setting for this, it just happens with Conflict Palettes. Are you 100% sure it is a conflict Palette you are looking at and not a Group Palette? The Group Palettes do not have this feature and never have. Here is my Group Palette from Keyboard Maestro:


You can tell the difference by the menu title - The Conflict Palettes shows the common hotkey as the title, the Group Palette shows the name of the Group.

100% sure - I have a set of commands set with the same hotkey and I used to get that highlighting of 1 letter. Now I see none.

Here's an example:

Ah, in doing this I realise that it just happens that the conflict panel style that I chose - 'Chart' - is missing this contrasting color in the conflict. Most have it, but this and maybe one other does not.

OK, panic over.

Example one style where the letter does show up.

I wish it were possible to do custom styles, though. I have to say that the styles offered are often very difficult to see at a glance (not enough contrast).