Building a Custom Gmail Email Address

So, in case you are not aware, Gmail has a feature where in you can add a descriptor to an email address. For example, if your email address is:

If you wanted, when creating an account for say, could add a descriptor like thus:

Super handy to track who is sharing your email address and also to filter/delete mail sent to this address.

So, what I am trying to do is when filling out a form and it asks for an email address I want to be able to just type:

drop and have it expand to

I can't seem to figure out how to easily capture the entered text ("drop" in this case). Once I have that the rest should be easy.

Am I on the right track? Is there a better way to do this?


Hey Odin,

This is not exactly a straightforward exercise.

It would be much simpler to pop-up a user-input dialog, enter the new text, and have the macro paste the assembled string.

But... That doesn’t mean you can't do it – it just takes some knowhow.

  • Type your new string and end with “@gm ” (note the space on the end).


Custom Gmail Address.kmmacros (5.5 KB)

Macro Image

Keyboard Maestro Export

Thank you so much! It works great and it was a great learning experience for me! Learned some new tricks for future macros of my own. :slight_smile:


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