Building Styled Text to use in Display Text in a Window

@peternlewis Pardon me if this has been addressed before. I want to be able to build a variable containing styled text, so I can display it in a Display Text in a Window action, like this:


I know I can do this through a custom HTML prompt, but I know that sometimes when we ask something like this from you, your first reaction might be "that's too hard", and the next thing we know, you've worked miracles.

So I thought I'd ask. Thanks!

PS: My initial thought was a Display Text in a Window action that supports Markdown. I would imagine there might be libraries already available to do this type of thing. Don't know if they'd be free, of course.

The Display Text action can display styled text, and it can include the NamedClipboard token which can include any styled test.

Styling the text into the named clipboard is left as an exercise to the reader.


And how, exactly, am I supposed to perform said exercise?

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I had a quick tinker. Here's a working example:

Compile Styled Text.kmmacros (29 KB)

Macro screenshot


Ah, that totally makes sense. I just couldn't figure out how to combined styled lines while keeping the styling.


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For all the wisdom you've imparted by sharing your awesome macros over the years, it's very satisfying to have finally learned enough to able to reciprocate in some small way! :+1:t3:


Wow, did that bring back memories! I remember feeling that way, many years ago, when helping someone else. The circle of life, or at least the Circle of KM. :smile:

Thanks again!