Busycal enter event notes

I am keeping daily notes and I am looking for a way to trigger a hot key to open the daily event and focus in the notes field using BusyCal. I googled it and found nothing useful. Applescript is not nearly as friendly to me as Javascript is, and if I could find a straight up KM solution that would make me very happy indeed.

So far I cannot find a way to find a specific event and open it or focus on the notes field using the BusyCal Menus so I can’t see how KM can do this either?

Of course, Apples Cal could work for this purpose too or any other suggestions that anyone might have? With a new second monitor I can leave BusyCal running most of the time so it isn’t that hard to just go to a different screen and desktop and click. Would love to stay on the keyboard though and when I have a note to update, to use a macro to get there quickly.

SOLVED: Daily Notes are in a calendar with a unique name (ProjectY). I have a saved calendar list layout with a button at a fixed location. This saved search is also sorted with the most recent item selected (today). All I had to do was use KM to bring BC to the front, click on a specific location, use command I for the get info box for that event, simulate keystroke shift-tab to go to the notes field, and enter a time stamp. Pretty easy once I figured it out.

Still don’t know if there is another way but, this seems to do it.


BusyCal is for all intents and purposes NOT scriptable even though it owns an sdef.

However – there are ways to interact with it.


I haven’t monkeyed with the URL-scheme, so you’re on your own.