Calculate time until Lunch

Hi there,
what I would like to do, is to paste time until lunch time,… and best in seconds.
I’m not able to handle that,… I use a lot of KM but that one is to hard for me…

I have no clue where to start when comeing to the calculations even after reading the Topics about time calculating…

Could somebody give me some advice?

Thanks (: :blush:


Hi @MatzeWI,

Thanks to this post by @ComplexPoint and this page on the wiki, I was able to figure this out:

Paste Time Until Lunch (in seconds).kmmacros (1.2 KB)

To use a time other than 12:30 for lunch, just change 12 and 30 to the desired hour and minute.


Thanks @gglick, it works perfect! :slight_smile: didn’t know that there is a %Calculate% possibility,… :blush: I think I have to get more into the language :smiley:

Thanks again taking the time (: Love that community for such things (: Allready found so much good stuff here!

Regards from Germany


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You’re very welcome, Mathias! This was a good exercise for me as well, so I’m happy it proved useful :slight_smile: