Calculation should respect locale settings

Hi, apparently %Calculate% requires a dot as decimal separator (i.e. 3,5+4 results in 3,9 although in a German environment the comma is the decimal separator, whereas 3.5+4 gives 7.4). I think it should respect the locale settings (in System Settings/Language & Region).
As a workaround, I can replace commas by dots before the calculation and the other way round afterwards, but this is awkword.

Did you check the wiki?[]=locale

Also, the Unicode page referenced with in it?

How embarassing. I did read about %Calculate% but missed out the CalculateFormat page.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Nothing to be embarrassed about. The thing about Keyboard Maestro is there is a Help menu, a gear with a help menu, a user guide, a wiki, a developer that listens and a generous forum with knowledgeable people that like to solve problems. In my experience — As long as an individual is courteous and willing to put the time into learning, people here will step in when you get stuck.

Take care,

Thanks again, but that's not quite what I meant. I checked with a very simple action (cf. screenshots). Using a comma as decimal separator, 3,5+2 results in 0,00 €. Which is nicely formatted according to my locale, but unfortunately not the result I was looking for.
Using a dot as decimal separator (3.5+2) results in 5,50 €. Which is not only nicely formatted but also correct.
What I want to achive (and what Alfred does)
3,5 + 2 => 5,50 €
It seems that %CalculateFormat% works only for the output, not for the input.

Apparently I was not the first one to be bitten by that:

Seems to be a limit to KM itself. (cf. post 9)

I see. I’ve only come across (maybe) 2 issues where something I wanted to do was exotic and unfamiliar. Otherwise, someone here have done it or at least a close derivative. If you are still struggling, post your macro. You never know what may have changed since that post.