Calendar events and Omnifocus tasks

Hi there

I´m trying to set up a macro that does the following:

  • Search for calendar events that have some parameters (calendar type, start date, etc).
  • Return event name and start date/time
  • Create several Omnifocus tasks with the returned event name and start date/time.

I've built an iOS shortcut that does this perfectly, but can't seem to get around it in MacOS and Keyboard Maestro.

Thanks in advance!


I shared a way to do this using Zapier, Keyboard Maestro, Taskpaper and OmniFocus over on the Automators forum a few months ago.

If I remember right the consensus seemed to be that there wasn't a way to do this locally on your Mac without a cloud-based service like Zapier.

You can use this as a model for creating OmniFocus projects and tasks from a wide variety of sources, as well as your calendar.

(If you can't see the post on the Automators forum let me know and I'll re-post it here.)

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Thanks for the suggestion, from what I've read from your post it's a neat workflow you've built.

I´m trying to avoid online services when at all possible, so I'm afraid Zapier won't do. It's a shame that Keyboard Maestro can't handle it, as it's quite simple to do it in iOS Shortcuts.

Can't have it all, I guess.

Thanks for the help!