Calendar Permissions

Okay, so I saw this from @peternlewis

Keyboard Maestro doesn’t ask for permissions for Location Services, Calendar, Reminders, Photos, Camera, Microphone or Full Disk Access, not unless you run some sort of script or action that accesses them (there are no native actions to access them currently, though there may be in the future).

I tried to make a calendar event as that seems like the one native ical action and my action fails and does not ask me for calendar permissions.

Tried to go into the settings, but it will only display apps that have asked for permission.

How can I get KM to ask for calendar permissions?

The Keyboard Maestro Engine needs Calendar permissions to allow access to the calendars. Just creating the action should request the Keyboard Maestro Engine get the calendar list, which should in theory get the system to prompt you for permission, but apparently it does not always work.

If the system isn't prompting you, run the Execute an AppleScript action once with this AppleScript:

tell application "Calendar" to calendars

That will poke the system in to asking for permission.

Then in the editor turn Edit mode Off and On again (or quit and relaunch the Keyboard Maestro editor) and the calendars should be displayed in the popup.


That apple script did it! Thank you.

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This worked to get Keyboard Maestro to recognize one of my iCloud calendar in but not my Outlook calendar. I've tried running it again, turned edit mode off and on again, and quit/relaunched Keyboard Maestro to no success.

Any tips? thanks!