Calling a Specific Person on Skype

I just got myself a Stream Deck and want to start connecting up the buttons to some Keyboard Maestro macros! So, to get started, I would like to have a button that triggers a video call to a specific person on Skype.

How would I set up a macro to call a specific person on Skype? I can link the button, it is just the KM part that confuses me.

Hey Jon,

My first thought is to use Skype's URI-Scheme, although I haven't actually done it myself.

If that's available you ought to be able to use a Keyboard Maestro Open a URL action with the appropriate URL and avoid a hassle.


I had a look at that and typed the URI-Scheme into Chrome, and Chrome pops up an Open URL request.

To make a bit of progress, I think I need two things.

  1. To call someone in Skype, you use skype:username?call, but what if the username has a space in it? What do I put instead?

  2. Is there a way to give Skype the focus if it is already open?

I can't answer question 1 but I can answer this one.

Use the activate a specific application and check the box reopen initial windows should work.

Or you could use the manipulate a window and have it bring to front window 1 of Skype.

-Also Chris

Hey, that worked nicely thanks. It sets Skype to the front and opens it if not already open.

Just now need to work out how to get it to click a specific person.

All working now. I used Pause Until Conditions are Met, and got it to wait for the Skype contacts image to appear.

Hey Jon,

How about posting the working macro?

I can't get the url-scheme to initiate a call with Keyboard Maestro's Open a URL action myself...


Sure thing Chris. Hope this helps.

Call Kevin.kmmacros (28.7 KB)

Hey Jon,

That's not showing how you're getting to Kevin's contact.


Wow – there's no accessibility in the Skype window at all...

It is. The code finds his image and then clicks it.

I don't see how you're initially setting things up to view his image...

When I launch Skype this is what I see:

No contacts are shown by default.

How are you getting to the contact?