Calling KM Macro from AppleScript

Hi, I can't seem to retrieve the value of the parameter I'm passing to KM via AppleScript.

  1. The Macro "GCS: CC-01 [XL]" calls the Third-Party Action, "Set VU Meter 1"
  2. The Action constructs the name of a KM Macro to call.
  3. The Action constructs a string to pass with the call.
  4. The Action calls the KM Macro, passing the string as a parameter.

But in the Macro that's called, the TriggerValue token appears to empty.

Any idea what's going on?

Thank you, Kindly.

Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.57.17 PM
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.57.05 PM
Screen Shot 2021-12-06 at 6.56.50 PM

At a glance, one obvious problem is that your KM AppleScript is

do script VUMacroName with RowName

when it should be

do script VUMacroName with parameter RowName


Thank you!

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