Can an action shadow another actions value if I change it?


So I'm sure there is a way to do this, but I'm kind of new.

So I have a macro that has load of grouped actions. within each of those groups there is a keyboard stroke action that needs changing. what I don't want to do is have to open each of the groups up in order to change this one value, (the value has to change every time I run the macro to the tempo of the project im working on

Is there a way I could have one action (say at the top of the macro) that will change the value of the rest to the same value im inputting on that one action. so very very wordy!


Without seeing your macro I imagine something like using an execute a macro action and then always calling a second macro might be easiest. The second macro can just have one action, press a key. Then you can just change it in one location.

Avoids complexity in the original macro, but adds a little bit elsewhere!

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Maybe put the keyboard stroke into a subroutine that you call everywhere you need it? Then you have your changes all in one place.
(First instinct would be variables, but these don't work with key strokes if I remember correctly... you can paste a clipboard by typing, though, maybe that helps, too)

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