Can Custom HTML Prompts be Made to Float Over a 3rd-Party App's Floating Windows?

This is probably one for @peternlewis — I've noticed that a Custom HTML Prompt will float over the standard windows and some dialogue boxes of a third-party app (i.e., the app that you're scripting).

But if that app opens a floating window (or some dialog boxes), those windows open on top of the the Custom HTML Prompt window.

I've noticed, though, that Keyboard Maestro's own floating windows (such as the cursor coordinate display) magically stay atop an app's floating windows. Is it possible to make a Custom HTML Prompt do the same? (Note that this assumes the app is not in full-screen mode; all bets are off there.)

Thank you.

There are only so many sets of window layers. And for any given set, there will be other windows in the same set that can be either above or below the window.

So if other applications have floating palettes that are in the same layer set, then they may be above the Keyboard Maestro ones.

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Thank you for your reply. Is there any way I can "elevate" mine as the KM Editor ones seem to be?

No, they are in sets of layers, and the set they are within is fixed based on the kind of window it is.

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