Can Each Macro Available in Certain Window like Group?

I know you can make a entire group only available in certain window. However, can you do that to individual macro without creating another group and put only one macro in there?
If not, this would be an awesome feature!

Hey @Chi,

If I’m understanding correctly – no.

You can create a global group, and place a macro in it that will only work if a certain app and a certain window is frontmost — but the trigger will be in the global trigger-space.


@ccstone, Thanks for confirming it.
Let me try if I can describe my situation better. Let’s say I have:
group called all available in all windows
group called a available in window a
Group called B available in window b
Group called c available in window c
Group c has macros specifically for Window c, but it also has macros
that should work in window b and c but not window a.
In order to accommodate the latter macros for windows b and c, I have to:
Create group called bc and make it available in window b and c
Move the macros )related to window b and c) from the group c to the
group called bc
Is this only way, right?
My current project for just one app have 266 macros in 8 groups total,
and it’ll be great if we can make individual macros available in certain
window without grouping them into a group. I’m just trying to avoid
creating many groups.
@peternlewis, Would it be possible for you to implement group folder
feature that could contain more group folders as well as groups?
Thanks for your help!

Hey @Chi,

Oh, I see...

You can make a group work with more than one window by using a regular expression.


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Do you actually mean "window", or do you mean "app"?
It makes a huge difference.

I have some suggestions, but I'll wait for clarification.

@ccstone, yes, I can use the regex to match multiple windows for a
specific group, but it applies to every macro in that group right? My
problem is that only some macros in group c should work for window b and
c, but some in group c should work only for window c.

@JMichaelTX, it’s for window, not app.


Hey Chi,


You're not going to get this to work the way you want by using the group's available in window(s) options (or so I think).

You may be able to make use of Execute a Macro actions to avoid having to duplicate macros.

It is also possible to automate enable/disable macros and groups.

You can also create tiered one-key palettes to gain fast access to things.

So — I'm pretty sure you can make things more convenient for yourself — just not exactly the way you want to.

We'll have to wait and see what JM has up his sleeve...


Then do this:

  • Group C: Available in Windows A, B, C
  • Macro in C to be used ONLY with Window C:
    • First Action:
    • IF FrontWinName ≠ C then CANCEL Macro


You could set

  • Macros in C to be used ONLY with Window C as DISABLED.
  • Macro in a Global Group triggered by change in FrontWinName
    • If FrontWinName = Win C; then ENABLE the proper Macros in Group C
    • ELSE, DISABLE those Macros in Group C

Make sense?