Can I add a visible check mark using Palettes?

Currently if I trigger my palette I get a list of options inside it per usual. These are all simple keystroke commands that trigger toggle shortcuts in the app I'm using. By toggle I mean once I select it it's ON and once I selected it again it's OFF. I would love to be able to have a check mark appear next to the ones I trigger (or any other visibility aid) so I know if it's ON or OFF. Does something like that exist?

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In the Conflict Palette?
Not that I know.

Another issue is that KM doesn't know if you directly clicked something in the app for which you are trying to do this, so it would not know what to do.

Thanks for the response. KB wouldn't have to know what's happening in the app. It would only need to keep track of itself so when I click on something there is a checkmark next to it and when I click it again it goes away. I can manually sync my app to mirror the KB palette checkmarks in the beginning of every session and it will be good for the rest of the day.

Well, this would be a disgraceful hack but essentially what you're asking for…

  1. You could duplicate each of those macros in the palette group and add the checkmark to the new copies.
  2. Create a sub-routine to evaluate the status of the menu items and enable/disable the matching macros in the palette to reflect the menu status.
  3. Call that sub-routine before displaying the palette, or any time you select one of the palette entries. (hence, sub-routine)
  4. Ask yourself "was it worth it?"

Well, I have hundreds of these so there can only be one answer to question #4 hahaha

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@syra & @devoy duplicate your macro and at the end of the two macros add the following steps:

After the macro "On" is executed, it will be deactivated and the macro "Off" will be activated and thus visible in your palette.

36)On <679D 220103T185956>

The same principle applies to the execution of the "Off" macro.

35)Off <B28B 220103T190748>

#Finder Macros <Multi 220103T185927>.kmmacros (34,7 KB)

This is what it looks like in practice:


Of course, you can also use the free app AnyBar to display the status of individual macros in the menubar


puts dark shades on

I just tried this in a smaller palette I have and wow it does work indeed! Thank you so much appleianer (to you as well devoy). Amazing stuff!!

Last question: is there a way to keep a palette permanently open? And also is there way to color the ON macros differently from the OFF??

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Nevermind figured out the Palette being permanently open!

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One caveat: I considered this approach but there's always the chance that the menu is changed using the mouse rather than the palette macro.

Come to think of it, that wouldn't trigger my sub-routine either. :weary:

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@syra you can only customize the icons for the macros according to your needs. Here are a few examples of how I have implemented this:


Wow incredible! I'm still so new with KB that every time I come to the forum for help it's a whole new world of discovery! Thank you so so much appleianer.

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@syra even though I have been working with Keyboard Maestro for many years now, I still learn something new every day.

If you have more questions about macros/palettes, please contact the forum.


Much appreciated appleianer! And yes KB is a very deep program for sure :slight_smile:

You can use emoji or other letters/symbols that draw the eye...





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How do you get the separators in your palettes?

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@HeatherH please take a look at this post:

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