Can I control the debugger with the keyboard instead of the mouse?

I want to step into the next macro command with the keyboard so I don’t have to move the mouse. It changes the behavior of the macro.

Hey Bob,

Look in the Actions Inspector in the “Debugger” category.

Keyboard Maestro Editor Menu ▹ View ▹ Show Actions.


* A macro must be enabled for editing for this function to be enabled.


I didn’t explain my problem well enough. I am using “move mouse and click” in several macro’s. What I want to do is during debugging when the mouse is moved by the macro I want to step into the next command in the macro with the keyboard and not move the mouse. It is a problem when using dropdown boxes. The minute I move the mouse to click on the next step the dropdown goes away and the next step fails.
I am trying to have a macro to choose a font. Click on the font list then type in the name of the desired font ( from the macro not the keyboard). Click opens the font dropdown but when I move the mouse to go to the step that types in the name the dropdown closes.
Thanks for your help.
Program = Apple Pages 5.6.1

Hey Bob,

The Debugger Step Into Other Macros action is what you’re looking for.

Create a macro with it, and give it a hotkey.

To debug:

  • Start the debugger.

    • Pause New Macros should be [ON].
  • Start the macro you want to debug.

    • Turn [OFF] Pause New Macros.

From there you can step through via the hotkey you’ve selected.



Thank you very much. I did as you suggested and it works just a I needed. The solution now seems obvious but I had not been able to figure it out.

Thanks again