Can I do this in Keyboard Maestro?


I'd like to create this automation, and wonder if I can have it in Keyboard Maestro.
I ask this forum before spending money for other tools (I already have Alfred, but I suspect some tasks are better on KM).

The automation:

  • I copy a text
  • KM opens up many windows in the browser, one per social network
  • KM paste the text into each of them and publish it
  • KM generate a new text file, paste the text and save it in a specified folder

I have other similar automations I want to create, because I work on many channels and it happens I need to do the same things on all of them (repurposing content on more than one channel).

Can I do this with KM?

Thank you!

Disclaimer: I'm going to ask the same question on other forums (Alfred and similar).

Hi there, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

That being said, most reliable interaction with websites is accomplished via JavaScript which Keyboard Maestro can execute… but it would require knowledge of KM and JS.

There are plenty of JS experts on this forum who are very helpful so no doubt you could get some more info on that from them.


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@cdthomer thank you for your reply.
I was hoping for a low code (or no code) solution.
I'll evaluate, and ask for more specific questions.

You’re welcome, and fwiw you could likely use found image actions to interact with the webpage, but since images can change frequently and unexpectedly, this option is not always the most reliable one.

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I’d recommend searching for an open source social media manager app. Using the specific API for each service is almost certainly the most reliable way to go, but coding that is hard. If somebody else has already done that coding then it seems like the best way to go to me.

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@vincent_ardern agreed.
From your replies I see it would be too "fragile": too many steps, and the change on one step would be enough to ruin everything.
I'll see which steps I can automate with ease, leaving the other ones to my human hands.

good idea - there may be something good in here somewhere...

Also Drafts app can talk to varied web pages - maybe they have something for your needs

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