Can I get Keyboard Maestro to interact with a floating palette?

Hi there,

I'm trying to create a macro for the app FileMaker Pro 17. I'm trying to create a hot key trigger that will either "show or hide" a floating palette in FileMaker Pro 17.

I have 2 questions regarding this:

  1. CLOSING A FLOATING PALETTE: Does Keyboard Maestro have the ability to close a floating palette in an app? In FileMaker Pro 17, there is a floating palette called "Inspector" that cannot be closed by any menu options. It can ONLY be closed by clicking on the close button of the palette with the mouse. I tried using the "Close Window" action in Keyboard Maestro to close this palette by its name, but of course a floating palette isn't a window, so Keyboard Maestro couldn't find it. Is there another action that I could use in Keyboard Maestro to close this floating palette? (Note that because the palette is a floating palette, its location on the screen could be located anywhere... so I can't pinpoint exactly where it will be located.)

  2. CONDITIONAL MACRO: Assuming that there is a way to accomplish #1 above, is there a way for me to perform an "If/Then" statement with Keyboard Maestro? This is what I would love to accomplish: "If the floating palette named 'Inspector' doesn't yet exist on the screen, choose the menu option that creates a new floating palette. If the floating palette named 'Inspector' DOES exist on the screen, then close that floating palette."


Generally Keyboard Maestro will not see palettes (or any non-normal windows) unless they have the current text focus.

So your options are either UI control (eg the Click Mouse action) or AppleScript/JXA to use the accessibility APIs to access the palette.

Thank you!