Can I group a few macros into "one"?

Hi! First, congratulations! Can't believe the amount of work that's behind this wonderful app.

I have 3 hotkey triggers that perform 3 actions but it's all for the same program (on/off, turn up, turn down). Having them in separate macros "feels wrong".

Is there a way to group them?

PS: I've searched here before asking, but didn't find a convincing answer

Assuming that you create a a macro group for your application, and you want to combine multiple trigger keys under same macro, you can just add multiple key triggers, and use a switch case to perform the action like the following:



Like the answer below Macro Groups is the way to go. Put all 3 Macros for that App in a single Group. Make the Group specific to the app.

Don't worry too much about making "too many" macros. I have about 950 active ones and I am sure other people here have more. I've attached a picture of SOME of my Groups in the sidebar.

Now if you are looking to use just 1 trigger (hot key etc) for this Macro just make 1 Macro and combine all the actions, put a 1 or 2-second delay between them to be safe.

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