Can I group All my Palettes in One place?


I created 3 Palettes in Groups. Is there a way to put all of them in one folder?

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 11.15.37 AM

Not directly, but you can achieve that by using this Action:
Show Palette of Macros action

for each group of palettes you want to show.

So then you would trigger the Macro with the Palette group that you want to show, instead of using the "Shows a Palette..." option in the Macro Group setup.


Thanks I know about this but it wont help me here.
Hopefully in future we can put groups within groups for organizational purposes.
I have 10 Different palettes that I would like you to put in one master palette group.
Thank you

Noted. But I have no current plans to support this. The additional complexity outweighs the benefits for the vast bulk of Keyboard Maestro users.

Note that I have heard every argument for this, it's not a case of not understanding the arguments in favor of it, it is simply a choice to prefer not to add an additional level of complexity.

Thanks, I understand.
Perhaps a better way would be giving users the ability to move up/down the macro groups...
That way I can put all my palettes together close to each other...
Perhaps users can use color labels similar to the previous mac osx.


People generally use the name to do this, prefixing the palette macro groups with "Palette " for example.

Colors for macros and macro groups is not impossible.

Thanks This works.

I put 01) in the beginning and I think I can arrange all my Palettes now together and It won't change the name of my Palette itself. :slight_smile: