Can I have a hotkey work on the condition that either... (Command F is typed first) OR, it detects a cursor in a search box?

Basically, I need to use "r" and "t" for zooming, but in the program I'm using (Ableton Live) I need to use those keys whenever I'm searching for plugins by typing in the text box...

I can either press command F (Mac) and it takes me to the search box, OR I just move my mouse to the text box and start searching...

So I'm wondering If I can set Maestro to basically use "r" and "t" for my zooming functions EXCEPT when it detects the cursor in a text box OR I've pressed Command F just before (which would mean I'm trying to type)

Any ideas on how I'd achieve this??? Thanks so much in advance!!!!

Detecting a key that was pressed before would require the macro to be running essentially all the time, acting as a key logger. I think the approach you want is the same as outlined in the other topic: You need to try to programmatically tell if you're in a text box or not. Did you try that method, detecting the presence of the Paste menu item?


As a fellow Pro Tools user, I feel your pain!

The Zoom In and Zoom Out menu items become unavailable (grey out) in the menus when the zoom command is unavailable, like when you are in the search field, or any other text box. Since KM can detect the menu statuses as a condition here's a way to go about it.

These macros check if the "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" menu items are available in Live, and either execute the zoom command, or pass the keystroke to wherever else in the Live UI, works great for me!

Live Macros.kmmacros (6.9 KB)


YESSSS!!! This worked!!

Dude thanks SO Much... I don't know how you figured it out but this is gonna be a game changer for me!!!

Thank you!!!!!!!

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